Meet the BANDeses

We are Nicole, Jeff, and Rizzo!

Nicole has had a long time dream of owning an RV and traveling the United States. After starting to look at several options at RV shows, she realized she was far more likely to achieve her dream sooner, rather than later, by baby-stepping her way into it with a travel trailer.

Jeff wasn’t so keen on the idea at first but he lives by the philosophy; Happy Wife, Happy Life. So he dove into doing his research because he’s definitely a homework doer and researches a LOT! (Which can have it’s pros and cons when you are the wife chomping at the bit to make a purchase and get on the road).

With our first purchase under our belt, which you can read about here, we set off on many grand adventures.

Some of the things we look forward to doing on our travels:

  • National Parks
  • Catch a game at all of the baseball stadiums
  • Fishing and Kayaking and hiking and exploring
  • Learning the history of our great country
  • Hitting a few white balls on a few greens
  • Taking LOTS of pictures of old abandoned buildings and many other things.

And through it all, we will be documenting our adventures here.

Oh, and don’t forget Rizzo! She’s our favorite hiking pack dog. She hikes hard and sleeps harder!

Need to reach us? Just email