Fool Hollow Campground

We were super excited when the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest was reopened and we got the email that our reservations were still available if we wanted them.

With the crazy wildfires running…well…wild, the forests in Arizona had been closed to all camping and activities. The reservations that we had made about a year ago were canceled. (Insert frowny face here).

So, when we got the email on Tuesday that the forest was reopened and our reservations would be honored gave us little time to prepare! What the heck, let’s go!

One of the things we were looking forward to was working on our very first review video. We had been talking about creating a YouTube channel for over a year but finally landed on a concept we both were excited about.

And Fool Hollow Campground didn’t disappoint.

The mornings were cool and peaceful.

We were able to test out the Kayak and some fishing.

And visited our favorite spot in Show Low. The Truck Stop!

And enjoyed one last camping trip with Oreo before she retires to staying home and enjoying her quiet days without the overly rambunctious Rizzo.

Be sure to watch the video for our full review of the campground and surrounding area.