Diesel Fuel Card Savings Showdown

Have you ever heard of the TSD Logistics diesel fuel card? If you’ve been around diesel for a while, there’s a good chance you have. But whether you are an old pro or just getting into the diesel truck world, fuel savings cards are something to consider.

TSD has been around a number of years and provides large savings over the advertised price at many truck stops. TSD is a freight company that also allows individuals to apply for their card so you can get the same discounts that their truckers do. 

TSD passes their negotiated savings onto you…

Well, almost all of it. TSD will take 10% of this savings and charge a 65 cent transaction fee. That’s how they make their money providing this service.

For a long time, Love’s was one of the biggest truck stops honoring the TSD cards. However, Love’s which is one of the most common truck stops across much of the US has stopped giving the large discounts with the TSD card. Now TA is one of the better places to get the huge savings but this can vary depending on where you are in the country.

But are the savings really that huge? As a percentage they can be but the advertised price is often higher than the other stations around. It’s so high to start that it almost feels like the jewelry store that raises their prices before doing a 50% off sale.

New Kid on the Block

There’s a new kid on the block for those looking for diesel savings whether you are a trucker, RV’er with a diesel motorhome or a diesel tow vehicle. This is not an actual card but an app called Mudflap that you use on your phone. It’s designed for truckers but, like the TSD card, it can be used by anyone with a diesel vehicle. You will find their discounts at larger stations with dedicated truck lanes, very much appreciated when towing a trailer or driving a large diesel pusher with a TOAD attached. The smaller stations accepting Mudflap hope you will come there for the discount and maybe buy something extra to snack on with your savings.

Is this better than the TSD card? Here’s what I found out as we use both during our 4500 mile trip from Arizona to Wisconsin and back.


The TSD fuel card has an app on your phone to locate the stations near you or any place you search that takes the card and what price you will pay for the fuel at that station.

If you click on the details for that station it will show you what the pump price is as well so you know how much you are saving.

Since you will be at a major truck stop, you can often also fill up with DEF from the pump at the same time. No more dealing with jugs that cost more per gallon than the pump prices.

TSD Advantages

  • You can usually complete the transaction at the pump without having to go into the fuel desk at the truck stop.
  • While Loves no longer honors the fuel card, you can still find many major truck stops along the US and Canada interstate highway system that do.

TSD Disadvantages

  • A major disadvantage of the TSD card is that it is tied to your checking account.
  • There’s other personal information you will have to share as well, and many people don’t like to give this out with all the security issues there are these days.
  • You will also have to apply and that can take a week or 2 to get a card to use.

TSD Results: Albuquerque, NM

At our fillup in Albuquerque New Mexico we purchased 44.9 gallons and saved $26.79 on $158.60 of fuel which came out to about 17% savings or a whopping $0.60 savings per gallon.

Note: this was off of an inflated price as there were other stations nearby with a much lower, non-discounted price that was almost the same as this discounted price was.


So how does Mudflap work?

It’s easy to get started with Mudflap. After a short sign up form, you will get a text message with a link to download the app via Android or IOS. The app lets you look up stations near you or search for a specific city if you are planning ahead.

It shows the price you will pay there for diesel.

If you want to fuel up there, select that station and it generates a code. The first time you request a code you will have to enter a credit or debit card you want to use to pay for your fuel. When you get to the station, go inside, tell the clerk you are using Mudflap, and show them your code. They will match that code with a list of codes on their Mudflap tablet and authorize the pump for you to fill up at. When done, go back in and you can complete transaction and get a receipt if needed.

Note: the price on the pump and your printed receipt will show the regular NON-DISCOUNTED price. However your credit or debit card will be charged at the discounted price.

Receipt from store.
Credit card statement with accurate prices.

It’s great being able to see the discounted prices without providing any important personal information other than name, email, and phone number.

See the discount you will get with no obligation, how can you beat that?

In addition to the Mudflap discount, if you get cash back or miles for the credit card you tied to your account, you will still get that extra savings. Since TSD drafts from your checking account, you will not get any extra kickbacks.

Mudflap Results: Hugoton, KS

On our fillup in Hugoton KS, we purchased 36.5 gallons at a $0.20/gallon discount and saved $7.26 on 113.08 of fuel, a 6% savings not counting any credit card cash back. The TSD card at this location was a few pennies more per gallon plus the transaction fee and no option for the credit card cash back rewards.

Mudflap Results: Kingdom City, MO

In Kingdom City, MO, we purchased 48 gallons of fuel and saved $9.08 with a $0.19/gallon discount.

Mudflap Results: Whitewater, WI

In Wisconsin, we were getting close to empty on our 62 gallon S&B tank so we purchased almost 55 gallons. We saved $10.98 with a $0.20/gallon discount on a $164.61purchase.

Again while these savings were not as large as those with the TSD card when at a major truck stop, the net cost is less, which is really what matters.

Mudflap Advantages

  • Connect it to your credit card to earn cash back or rewards points.
  • Bigger overall discounts than TSD.
  • Support smaller businesses.
  • Find locations off the major interstates.
  • Easy to sign up.
  • Personal touch. Mudflap customer support is AMAZING!

Mudflap Disadvantages

  • You have to go in before and after you pump so takes a bit longer to fill up but stretching the legs always feels good on a long trip anyway.
  • Some stations are new to Mudflap so the clerk may be learning the process so allow some extra time for this as well.
  • Most of the stations that accept Mudflap are smaller mom and pop or regional chains like Casey’s. This means you may not have as much luck finding stops on the major interstates.

Which is better and which should you use? 

Shop and compare if you have the time and check both apps for the best place to fill up. From what I’ve seen, where stations take both TSD and Mudflap, the Mudflap pricing is the same or a few cents better than TSD. Combine that with no transaction fees and the option to get credit card points or cash back and it seems that Mudflap will often end up being cheaper. So for us, other than the first stop, we have become big Mudflap fans on our trip.

Just remember to go into the truck lanes when using either the TSD card or Mudflap. The TSD card will NOT work at the regular car pumps. I spoke with Mudflap and they said it should work at both regular (car) and truck pumps but “call station to verify” ahead of time as there may be a few that only support the truck lanes at this time. If you are towing or have a big rig it is nice to know that any station with either TSD or Mudflap has truck lanes and the big nozzle fast fill pumps.

To sign up or learn more about Mudflap, use this link and you’ll get a discount after your first fuel purchase.

For the application of the TSD fuel card, click on this link and put referred by Jeffrey Bandes in the comments section.

Note, both of the above options provide me with a little kickback. You aren’t paying any more (and sometimes less) by using these links so we’d appreciate the affiliate love.