Catch of the Day: Narragansett, Rhode Island

What does the smallest state in America really have to offer? Oh, just a little seaside adventure is all. We finally made it to the Atlantic Ocean!

We stopped in Narragansett (pronounced neh·ruh·gan·suht) for a short two night stay. But since it was just a 31 mile drive from Mystic, it felt more like three. 

We stayed at Fishermen’s Memorial State Park, a beautiful park but, if you consider staying here, it’s important to note this park is not for those who like to have an evening cocktail or three. Not only is alcohol prohibited on state grounds, the sites are VERY unlevel. Your intoxication will be evident when walking around!

There are several ocean beaches in this area but we managed to find a smaller, somewhat secret beach, Camp Cronin. Having someone that does a LOT of research can really come in handy. Again, Thank you Tessa!

The beach is located near the Fisherman’s Memorial, a site to honor all who have been lost at sea. 

It is also near Point Judith Lighthouse. The lighthouse can’t be toured as it is still Coast Guard property. 

While these sites may feel disconnected, there’s a bit of history that ties them all together.. Fort Greene was a US Army Reserve area located in and around Narragansett Bay. You can see remnants of gun batteries near the Fisherman’s Memorial and even at the campground. In fact, the last U-boat sank just 8 miles from the Point Judith Lighthouse on May 6, 1945, a full week after Hitler had already commit suicide. The submarine wreckage is still a popular scuba diving site today.

Narragansett is a true fishing village.When we asked one of the fishermen what they fished for, his response was, “Whatever is paying the most.” He then went on to tell us they catch a lot of different things in the area including lobster and squid.

And wherever there is water, you’ll also find those pesky sea rats, aka seagulls, and humans that try their darndest, and failing, to keep them from being a nuisance. 

Next up is a little more history in the Hudson Valley!