Like a Virgin

After spending many months in search of just the right fit at just the right price, we finally made a deal that Jeff could live with. That also meant we needed to move quickly. There was only one small problem.

We live in Phoenix, AZ.

The trailer was located in Fort Worth, TX.

Fortunately, we are both in the position to drop and go when we need to and made plans to make the 1000+ mile drive the next week.

May 25th, 2020

It was an interesting trip since we were at the height of COVID closures at the time. Driving through New Mexico left us with few options for food and no bathrooms. Oh yeah, THIS is a great reason to have a travel trailer. Food and restrooms travel right along with you!

May 26th, 2020

Of course, we made the obligatory stop in Amarillo, TX to see the Cadillac Ranch. Plenty of social distancing in place there.

I wrote a little fiction piece on this place over at if you enjoy mini-stories.

We stayed in a great little hotel right next to the Fort Worth Stockyards and had time to visit. The place was open but pretty empty; a great time to visit!

Story Time! Read Working Hands, a fictional mini-story and some history about the Fort Worth Stockyards.

We missed the Cattle Drive that typically happens 2x per day since it had been canceled due to Covid.  But we did get our first temperature test when entering one of the gift stores that are all but empty.

After walking around the nearly empty streets for a couple of hours, we had dinner at Cattleman’s Steakhouse. The onion rings and steak were amazing!

May 27th, 2020


The next morning, we drove to McClain’s RV to pick up Betsy.

The trailer was exactly what we expected (click here to read what our requirements were and what we chose).

Jeff jumped in and started attaching the sway bar. Fortunately it wasn’t raining like he was expecting it might. The weather was a tad humid for us dry heat people but not too bad for him to work in. It took about 3 hours to get set up.

That night, we stayed at the courtesy camping sites at the dealership just to make sure nothing was wrong and so we could get an early start the next morning.

May 28th, 2020

Our first night was awesome! We both slept well other than being too cold because I accidentally set the AC to max.

There may or may not have been a little white knuckle passengering as we left the dealership and drove through rush hour traffic. Jeff said he was fine but he did mention he was trying to relax a tad once we got out of city traffic…

We did have to pull over shortly after leaving because we didn’t lock the bedroom door when we left and it had come open a bit. Jeff swears he locked it so thinks it must not have been closed all the way. Fortunately we saw it before getting too far.

It was awesome getting to pull over and have lunch wherever we wanted (not to mention a couple of extra bathroom breaks. Peeing on the side of the road has a whole new meaning).

I’m an Amateur Photographer who loves taking pics of abandoned buildings (and other things) and writing stories about them. So I’ll occasionally be sharing some of the places I discover on my travels.

Like this awesome garage we parked next to in Vernon, TX. I haven’t written a story about it yet, but one is in the works.

Jeff made it to Plainville, TX to check out an upgraded truck he’d been looking at. We are currently towing with a 2016 Expedition EL with tow package. It had plenty of power but was a bit bouncy and my motion sickness kicked in.

Unfortunately, that truck was sold an hour before we pulled in. That’s the second time that has happened to us!

We stayed at The Hitching Post RV Park, lot 14. They gave us half a dozen fresh eggs from their chickens.

There are no trees but then, we are in the middle of a plain. There are some cabins and horse stalls but the park is pretty empty at this time.

We got set up without any issues. It’s a pull-through space so we still have to test the backup skills. Jeff doesn’t seem to think that will be an issue though.

Day 1 of travel trailer ownership down and not a single raised voice!

May 29th, 2020

Last night was a tad more challenging since it got really cold and Jeff had to turn on the heat in the middle of the night. We didn’t sleep quite as great.

In the morning, we went for a jog around the park before cooking breakfast and hitting the road.

We stopped in Cuervo, NM which is a really neat ghost town along Route 66. SO MANY COOL BUILDINGS for me to take pics of. Nearly the entire town has been abandoned due to I-40 coming through and splitting the small town in two.

Story Time! Check out a few of the Cuervos stories like I’m no Mary Poppins and Last Man in Town.

New Mexico scenery definitely wasn’t as intriguing as TX with all their farms and ranches. At least not till we got closer to Santa Fe and the higher mountain areas.

Tonight, we stayed at Rancheros De Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM. The camp wasn’t bad. Our site was a little snug, no room to lay out a rug but they did offer picnic tables.

It’s still a little early on our travels to be an adequate judge.

The pinion trees are plentiful and the hiking trail around the park goes right to the top of a hill allowing you nearly 360 degree views.

One last stop before heading back to Flagstaff and then home to Phoenix.

I once saw an episode of Mysteries of the Unexplained (the original, not the Netflix reboot) about the Mystery Staircase at Loretto Chapel. Since we are in Santa Fe, I made hubby figure out a way to get me there.

Now here’s the challenge. Park check out was at 11am. The chapel doesn’t open until 10am and is located 45 minutes from our campground. Leaving the trailer, driving to the chapel and then driving back wasn’t an option. Driving the trailer through downtown Santa Fe wasn’t an option (as anyone who has driven those small streets knows). So we dropped the trailer at a grocery store parking lot for a quick tour of the chapel.

It was WELL worth it. We were the first there and were able to photograph without any visitors.

Story Time! Read Miracle Stairs here.

I’m already missing being on the road and we aren’t done yet. Our first trip is in the books.

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  1. I rally enjoyed reading about your adventures. On the May 27th description, there is no link where it says “click her.” Perhaps that needs to be activated!

  2. We went to that very church 15 years ago today to renew our vows for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a planned visit as my hubby was there a year or two earlier on a guys only motorcycle trip. He HAD to show me the stairs. We thought the church would be empty when making our plans but there were lots of visitors so we milled around waiting for others to leave but more people kept coming in so we finally stepped up to the alter and said our vows to each other anyway, using the same index cards that we had written them on 25 years earlier when we wrote our own separate commitments to each other. When we were done people clapped and cheered. It was a very special visit to see the Miracle Stairs. Today is our 40th Anniversary! So funny to find your story TODAY. What do they say about coincidences….. Thanks for your story to take me back down memory lane.

    1. OMG, that’s AWESOME! What wonderful timing.

      We literally had the place ALL to ourselves for about 20 minutes before anyone else got there.

  3. Happy to read about your first adventure. I think my boyfriend is buying a 5th wheel (as an upgrade to his 26′ trailer) and you’ve given me a glimpse of the future.

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