Sparta, WI: Quaint? Quirky? or Crazy???

After a very busy 10 days entertaining guests, I was exhausted when we arrived in De Pere (aka Green Bay) WI. For the most part, I kept things low key for the week. But, if you want to read about the Miller’s Lambeau Field, be sure to check out Tessa’s Blog.

If you remember, Rizzo decided she didn’t want to stay in the RV alone. We bought a new crate to; hopefully, keep her from chewing things up in the RV. Stay tuned next week for the results…

Tunnel of …?

Jeff, Philip, and Tessa took what looked like an awesome bike ride along an old train track trail through some tunnels while in Sparta, WI. I was a little bummed I wasn’t up for that one.

What Kind of Graveyard?

Have you ever given much thought to those fiberglass statues you see all over? You know, like Bob’s Big Boy or even Pinky the Elephant (see our visit to Pinky here). Well, there’s a whole fiberglass molds graveyard in Sparta!

At the FAST Fiberglass company graveyard, you can find all kinds of animals, slides, or mascots floating around.

Twitter is dead.


I’m glad these aren’t found in construction zones… See the trucks in the back as a size comparison.


We also visited the Wegner Grotto, because who doesn’t want to see a grotto and other sculptures made out of concrete and broken glass. Paul and Matilda Wegner, retired farmers in Midwest Wisconsin,  crafted all of the art pieces on their farm property in the 1930’s. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into this project – literally.

The primary structure is the tiny church that holds 7. You can still request to be married in this church today. The church actually pays homage to all three of the religions popular in Germany in 1930; Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish.

The Wegners built a replica of the boat that brought them to America in 1885.

Once on American soil, they became true American Patriots.

Gold Star – a tribute mothers who lost children were lost in service of the US Armed Forces.

American Flag

This giant cake is a replica of their 50th wedding anniversary cake.

The grave yard located just up the road includes graves that pay tribute to their love of this craft.

Up next is La Crosse, WI and our last stop with the Millers. We are missing them already!

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